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NHS  Referrals

If you are referred by one of the GPs, your referral will most likely be processed by the Care Gateway  (there are some exceptions, please read on).

In some cases, referrals will be triaged by a doctor at the Care Gateway before booking in order to decide the priority and venue needed for your appointment, and also to check that all necessary clinical information is included that your specialist will need. A Care Gateway member of staff will then contact you within 1-2 weeks to discuss treatment providers available to you and to book an appointment, where possible, or your referral will be sent to your treatment provider to send you an appointment, if none are available at the time of booking. You will initially be contacted by phone and then by letter to book your appointment. Please make sure we have your current address and telephone number to facilitate this. If the Care Gateway staff member is unable to contact you by phone and you do not respond to their letter within two weeks, your referral will be returned to the GP and you will need to be re-referred.

The Care Gatway contact details are as follows:
Tel: 0161 947 0770 or 0800 092 4020
Referrals for Community-based services and Ultrasound, X-rays & MRI scans

These referrals are not sent through the Manchester Integrated Care Gateway, but are usually faxed directly to the clinics or e-mailed to the administrators of the services.

Some useful telephone numbers are included below for your benefit:

Community Dietitians: 0161 861 2333

MRI scanning (via Alliance Medical): 0845 454 0023

X-ray (Manchester Royal Infirmary): 0161 276 4588

Manchester Diabetes Centre: 0161 276 6705

Manchester Diabetes Centre Structured Education Programme: 0161 701 8554

Antenatal Department (St Mary's Hospital): 0161 2766 6431

If you have been referred by a GP and would like help or advice in chasing up an appointment, please contact our Secretary, Michelle, or one of the other administrators in her absence.

Referrals to Private Hospitals

If you wish to be referred privately, please let your GP know at your appointment.
We ask our patients to arrange these appointments themselves and let us know which Consultant to make the referral to (if appropriate). Once completed, our secretaries can arrange for you to collect the referral from our reception area or we can fax this to your Consultant, if you provide us with his/her fax number.