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Travel Clinics
The Docs is a yellow fever centre which means we can offer yellow fever vaccinations to registered and non registered patients. This is the only vaccine that we can offer to non-registered patients.
Please be aware that the rest of our travel clinic is only available to patients who are fully registered at the Docs.

We need a minmum of 4 weeks' notice in order to arrange vaccinations. This is because some vaccines take longer to work than others.
Travel clinics only take place on Friday afternoons, so the availability of appointments can be limited.

Before booking an appointment with us you will need to complete a Travel Questionnaire. This form can be collected from reception or downloaded from our Downloads page. When you have completed the form you can hand it in to reception or send it to us by email so that the nurse can review what you will need. Contact us 3-4 days after submitting the form and reception staff can book you an appointment if you need one.

Some vaccines are available free on the NHS and some incur a cost.  Your nurse will advise you of this or you can check the price of the travel vaccinations we offer by viewing the Travel Vaccination Price List below.

If you need immunisations but are unable to get an appointment with us then you will need to visit a private Travel clinic. Online Access allows you to see what immunisations you have had in the past. This information can be printed so you can show it to the Travel Clinic ifyou wish.
If you don't yet have online access to your medical records you can register for patient access at reception by bringing some photo ID, or for more information on how to register please click here.

Travel Vaccination Prices

For Registered Patients 

Hepatitis A:  Free

Typhoid:  Free

Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio:  Free

Meningitis ACWY:  £50.00

Hepatitis B (each):  £35.00
Hepatitis B (course of 3 vaccinations):  £105.00

Rabies (each):  £55.00
Rabies (course of 3 vaccinations):  £165.00

Yellow Fever:  £60.00

Private Prescription for Malaria tablets:  £16.00

Japanese Encephalitis (course of 2 vaccinations):  £180.00

Ticovac (rapid schedule 2 doses):  £55.00 each

Cholera:  £55.00

We are pleased to be able to hold most of our prices for now.

It is possible that some prices may increase if our suppliers increase their charges, so please check that this is the latest price list before you book your appointment.

(Price list updated 26/04/19 - effective 01/05/19)
For more advice or help please see the set of links to external websites on our Weblinks page.